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Order taxi by phone, 24/24h

022 3 20 20 20

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To book, is very easy !

We will respond 24h/24 and 7d / 7 at + 41 22 3202202. With our computer equipment last cry from most modern in Europe, we are in direct and constant contact via GPS with all our taxi fleet.

We provide prompt service for your orders directly or simple reservation several days in advance, if you wish. It is even easier to use our new free iPhone app super effective to control your driver.


202 Taxi Cooperative was founded in 1979 under the will of a handful of drivers that want to provide quality service to its customers.

For this purpose and result of major investment and modernization we now have a tool worthy of the biggest call center in the world. Today it is over 150 drivers available 24h/24 and 7d / 7 at your service with low cars, luxury minivan and station wagon.

Our strengths

  • Drivers confirmed
  • Credit card application
  • Online booking on our website
  • Service minibus and coach up to 50 seats
  • Tool ultra modern call center
  • Location and GPS permanent drivers followed
  • We respond quickly actually 24h/24 and 7/7 and more with a smile :-)
  • A free iPhone app to order three seconds your taxi in Geneva
  • Our "PROMOTIONS" to do business in last minut up more than 30% reduction
  • Membership card for customers "Corporate" with a permanent reduction - 10% of all jobs on Geneva and areas
  • If no agent are available, please call us by phone 24/24h 7/7
  • +41 22 3 20 20 20
  • 100% swiss guaranteed !
  • Federal transportation certificates
  • Driver fully qualified
  • 24/24h 7/7d assistance
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